Friday, October 19, 2007

And my first pleine air (under open sky!) oil done last week in Union square!

This was so much fun to do. first a rock band set up 20 feet from me, then there was the free Tibetan monks demonstration after that for 2 hours. Also 20 feet from my setup. And never trust a sunny day in NYC in October. It may start out nice and warm, but after a few hours I was shaking like a madman from the feezing cold, for I had only brought a shirt... 7 hours in the same spot will break you down quickly!

I have a little half box easel (Bambi) filled to the brim with various art supplies, and I bring some artwork just in case someone is curious.

I enjoy talking to people so don't be shy if you see me! I may look concentrated but a friendly smile will soon change that!

16x20 on board ( really difficult to control the flow of paint on here, but Ill get the hang of it! Eventually...)

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